Brumisateur Facial Water Spray


Evian Mineral Water Spray is imported from a unique underground water source at the base of the French Alps to relive dry, irritated skin and hydrate prior to the use of moisturizers.Propelled under high pressure by nitrogen (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 20% oxygen), the ultrafine pure, natural mist allows the skin to absorb a unique balance of beneficial minerals along with the water. No other water contains the same balance of magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, which explains Evian’s superb compatibility with facial skin. A heavy soaking morning and evening removes all traces of cleansers and harmful hard tap water that often contains fluoride and chlorine. It helps to enhance the performance of all other skincare products and relieves dry, irritated skin caused by high altitude and poor air quality during air travel, which is why many flight attendants wouldn’t be without it. A light spray sets your makeup by blending it with skin while highlighting color so it can be used all through the day.Boost skin’s hydration
– Blend and set cosmetics
– Refresh skin without messing up makeup
– Soothe sensitive skin
– Suitable for all skin types”
– Made in France

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