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BandGIRLS value the people you love, and encourage them along the way as often as possible. Here’s a prime example XoxoBandGirls 💕

Great morning baby girl I love you sis always and forever and even after that !

I know you’re up because I know you and I saw your 5 & 6 AM thoughts 💭now I don’t know what you’re up to with BandGirls but I know this shit is pretty daring and going to be amazing beyond my wildest dreams I’ve watched you and while learning to listen I’ve been watching you more and I’ve been with you in high school and up until the moment you no longer had a full time 9-5. I’ve watched you go from fearful and still tackling success head on; to now working through fear. In the moments when niggas didn’t know you was nervous YOU SHOWED UP ! In moments you probably wanted to get sidetracked YOU SHOWED UP ! when you didn’t get the first condo YOU SHOWED UP !

I don’t know if you remember the day I said “ it’s now or never it’s either get it together or be a bum “ I’ve realized with due time getting it together is not a one step or one action thing. I’ve lost weight I have more confidence. I want to be a girly girl. I finally showed up and guess what… THERES STILL MORE SHOWING UP TO DO; IT DOESN’T STOP HERE !

I want you to remember this day August 30, 2019. When the day of Why and Reason come I will say do you remember 8/30/19? I’ve done the talking you and the world 🌍knows I can talk a great game I can talk myself into being the president of the United States.

To sum this up I say allllll this to say; I’m proud of you I watched the process and I’m seeing what’s showing up smells and taste like. I’ve already seen what it look like through you. You’ve showed up. I knowwwwwww you got some tickling to the soul and heart some fucking heattttttt for the streets where your brand is concerned and I can’t wait to be an apostle to your brand per ALWAYS & share the good news there’s a women named  so and so and she’s preaching the Gospel/Bible 21st century through fashion, beauty, authenticity, thotclass, gangster/love, and belief. I love you;  per always and I want you to know that you should keep Showing up. One day maybe one day alll your students will show up through the planted seeds you sowed years ago #Bars #ShowUp