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Hello BandGIRLS, we know it’s been a minute since we’ve done a blog post , but we pinky promise to get a whole lot better with; posting stories, information, products and lifestyles that are interesting to the BandGIRL Community. We’re thankful that even men now have taken a liking to the strength and mission of the brand. Shout out to all the men that have referred family members to our E-commerce platform as well as our social media . There is a new product on the scene that we want  to fully endorse and consign BandGIRLS. Heather’s Child is a luxury line of Essential Hair Oils, Blended together to strengthen your hair follicles an add moisture to your hair shaft, promoting healthy hair to help maintain growth. The idea started 38 years ago in 1980, back in Heather’s homeland of Barbados when Heather gave birth to her daughter, her only “child”, at the time her daughter didn’t have much hair and suffered from extreme dry scalp. As Heather, researched all the best organic oils she could find, she spared no expense. As her daughters hair began to grow she continued to use these oils on her own hair and now her grandchildren’s hair. She’s still investigating and testing for the best ingredients to create the perfect luxury oil. Now she’s ready to share her regiment with the world. As thd CEO of BandGIRLS both myself and my daughter personally use this oil, and feel that this product stretches across all continents, cultures, ethnicities, demographics, and psychographics. There are no limits or boundaries for where this brand is headed. After, their launch in January they have already rolled out  three more products as an extension of their luxury product line. They have the HairLine Elixir which is enriched with biotin and  hair growth fertilizing oils to restore fallen hair from braiding, lace fronts or tight ponytails. This product also is extended to the fellas as well for hairlines that are balding or receding. BandGIRLS you will see results from the elixir as early as in 2-3 weeks if used as directed. Then you have  the Beard Oil and Butter which was  created to promote hair growth, thicken & condition for  beards and the butter which assists in locking in moisture all while taming the hair.

Heather’s Child is the epitome of a Luxury brand in our opinion, which consist of quintessential oils created to strengthen, moisture, polish, promote, improve texture ,and restore hair growth. BandGIRLS  this product line gives  women the luxurious hair they deserve, and it guarantees the best quality oils at its purest state.

They have already named and claimed their supporters by affectionately referencing to them as the “HC tribe”, and BandGIRLS you have the opportunity to become apart of HC tribe as well.  They are empowering women on a daily basis;not just on hair growth but healthy hair overall. As individuals we all have very different hair goals.  Be sure to head over  to their website www.heatherschild.com  follow them on Instagram at @heatherschild  and most importantly order a beautiful bottle of this hair magic in a bottle. We wanted to leave you with their GROWTH PLAN of how you can obtain either

GOAL A: LENGTH RETENTION or GOAL B: STRONGER HAIR it requires the same process:

1. Plan- What methods are you going to take to reach this goal ie better hair care, more frequent trims, deep conditioners, steam treatments, oiling scalp etc.

2. Setting a goal- What’s your Goal? We personally don’t like time (in a year) this or 6 months this. Things happen your hair does reach a time where it rest and sits there. Annoying but that’s just part of the cycle. In that time stay diligent remember you have a goal.

3. Execute: Start applying your routine RELIGIOUSLY!

4. Tracking/checking progress- Checking your progress is great that’s when you really notice the changes, strength, texture improvements & length retention.

5. Reward- reward yourself for reaching your target.

Heather’s Child is the perfect luxury light weight oil. Repairs weak, damaged strands, nourishes, and maintains hair follicle and scalp health; created to  penetrate deep into the hair shaft! .